Student enrollment 2017 is an issue to discuss

August 22, 2017

     Rector Stanislav Nikolaienko is heading the meeting the admission board who are to make conclusions about the process of student enrollment this year.


     Secretary in charge Viktor Shevchuk spoke about enrollment of Master students who will study part-time and additional enrollment of Bachellor students. 209 students will study free of charge and will receive scholarships and 455 students applied to our university and are ready to pay tuition. Specialties «Finance, bank business and insurance», «Public management and administration».



     Vice-dean of Faculty of Law Olena Uliutina spoke about enrollment peculiarities to specialty «Law». Applicants had to take external independent evaluation. 94 people applied. 18 students will study free of charge and 76 will have to pay tuition. 122 people applied to study part time. 87 students were enrolled. This is the best result.


     First vice-rector Ihor Ibatullin emphasized the transparent continuity in the work of the admission board. Top faculty members will get bonuses. Though there were cases when examiners were irresponsible and this led to complicated situations. This problems has to be brought into open so that next year we will not get any complaints at examinations.

     The average score of those who are enrolled is 188. It is pleasant to announce that our university have enrolled best graduates from colleges and technical schools of Ukraine.

Valentyn Obrambalskyi

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