University students and faculty members had a meeting to celebrate Flag Day

August 23, 2017

Flag Day has never been celebrated so solemnly and exalted at our University. Honorary guard of the Presidential Regiment raised National Flag on the new 12-meter flagpole in front of the central building under the execution of the national anthem and military salute. In Stanislav Nikolaienko’s words “We are celebrating the 26th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence and today it is Flag Day. A blue and yellow flag is being raised all over the country, including the zone of ATO. It is the time of hard work of Ukrainians, namely NUBiP faculty members. We have contributed much into the development of educational and agricultural spheres of economy.


This year more than 2,000 Bachelor and more than 1,700 Master students have been enrolled to get different specialties. We are among top-universities who have enrolled the biggest number of freshmen. It is not accidentally. The situation in our university is changing for better. We are too doing so much work that it is almost impossible to mention everything. Of course, we have much to do too. It is necessary to find the students who aim at starting their own business, creating new workplaces. And by doing all this these students will make our country prosperous. We have gathered here to pay tribute to those Ukrainians who built our state, made a big contribution into the development of global science and progress. Today our country takes the leading place in providing the world with food. We do all this in the times when Russians are trying to conquer the eastern part of our Motherland. And we know that we will win because we are clever, intelligent and united.”


Amateurs from the department of culture studies congratulated the audience with patriotic songs.

So be patriots of our country and best wishes on the 26th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence.



Iryna Bilous


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