New strategies, new perspectives in a new academic year at NUBiР of Ukraine

September 1, 2017

The campus of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine is gathering freshmen and their parents for 120th time. This event is an important and integral part of educational process at our alma mater as it lays foundation for a new friendship cooperation with scholars and students from other countries. This year guests from Poland, the United States of America, France, the Netherlands come to visit our university and enjoy this. This is a great opportunity for us to share ideas how to implement new strategies into academic process, to popularize the mission of our university not only in Ukraine but throughout the world. This year journalists of our university interviewed our guests and here what they say.

Caroline Spaans, counsellor (agricultural issues), Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands “It is my first experience of such a stunning opening of the academic year. In my vision the first day at the university is just professors’ and scholars’ speeches. What I have seen today is fusion of inspiring speeches of rector of university and other prominent people of Ukraine, patriotic breathtaking songs and colourful dances. Such spectacular events can help foster an open dialogue between university authorities and university community members. As after an official part there is always informal communication of rector, vice rectors, professors with students and their parents. 
We live in the times of changes so we are aware of the importance of learning a foreign language. The knowledge of a foreign language opens new horizons for as freshmen so for graduates in the sphere of agriculture. It is necessary to encourage a student to learn a language by an example. So University faculty should know a foreign language themselves to be able to be mobile, to invite professors from other countries to conduct lectures, seminars and workshops and to be open to transfer deep knowledge to students. 
Sylvian Rigollet, attaché for scientific and universities collaboration of Embassy of France in Ukraine. Embassy of Ukraine has been cooperating with National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine for many years. We have academic grant programs for both students and university faculty members. Today’s Knowledge Day is a great opportunity for university authorities and students to talk, to raise new issues on education, on ways of improving life in Ukraine. There are three things which impress me most today. Number one is quality of education at this university. Rector Stanislav Nikolaienko is concerned about this issue and has already succeeded in this as NUBiP of Ukraine is among top universities of Kyiv and Ukraine. The second is international activity of the university. I can see many international students who have chosen this very university as the establishment of their studies. And number three is a magnificent green campus. No other university of Ukraine has such a unique campus. Students are in the heart of Ukraine and at the same time they are not disturbed by the rustle of the city. This peace enables them to obtain deep knowledge. And in terms of this great day. Rector’s call to students is valuable. When I was listening to the provost, his touching words about university history, vision and mission I wished I could be a student of this university. Students can not only study here to study to become expertise in their own spheres but they can stand a possibility to develop their creative potential through sports, singing and dancing. 

Oliver Adu Boakye (Ghana) and Acyl Tchenjou (Cameron) will study biotechnology and ecology at NUBiP of Ukraine. “We are greatly fascinated by this event. We have never seen such a colorful celebration. Looking at students of this university we see that their university life is really rich in events. They do not only study, they develop themselves. They become part of dance, vocal sport clubs. If we have free from studies time we want to use any opportunity to go in for sports. We are proud that we will study at this university”.
Olena Soloviova
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