15 June 2017, 11:37

On June, 7, 2017 the exhibition «Аgro-2017» started.   Taking into  account  the  short  period of  its  work, the  future  specialist  in  automation M.Malyzhenko being supervised  by seniour scholar  of the English Chair  for Technicl  and  Agrobiological Specialties K. Yakushko  visited such  event at the  first  day  of  its  activity. He  followed  such  English  statement  about the short period  to be  able  to do  something  as «Opportunity never knocks twice at any man's door». The  freshman of the Institute of  Energetics, Automation  and  Energy  Efficiency proposed the cognitive excursion  for  his  group-mates because  he had  fixed  some  stands  himself. The student  added   his photo-report  about  the modern samples of agricultural  machinery (harvesters, tractors,  watering  systems, sprayers  etc.) with  own  English comments.

We wish the young photo reporter the success to highlight other educational events within the NULES of Ukraine too!

student М.Мalyzhenko,
s. lecturer К. Yakushko

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