Rectors of our University and University of Pennsylvania signed a memorandum on cooperation

April 10, 2017

     Our university delegation headed by rector Stanislav Nikolaiienko spent a week at University of Pennsylvania, U.S. The talks resulted in signing a memorandum on cooperation between NUBiP of Ukraine and University of Pennsylvania.

     The cooperation which has lasted for many years will expand, in particular students and faculty members from both universities will be able to participate in exchange programs and do joint projects. 


     There is a laboratory of products quality at University of Pennsylvania. They do different researches and serve business getting profit of billions of dollars. This university has an agricultural college and apart from it has powerful departments of food quality and safety, social sciences, economics and management. Rector Stanislav Nikolaienko stressed on the necessity to develop our cooperation in these areas as well. 


       Another positive point is that we reinstate our cooperation with the Woskob Foundation which is currently headed by Yurii Woskobiynyk. From now on this fund will support our university, in particular this fund is planning to invest 100, 000 $ in organization and conduct a course in food safety and quality. Our university will host this training and American specialists will participate as trainersв.


      This memorandum is signed by rector Stanislav Nikolaienko and Michael Adewumi, Vice Provost for Global Programs at Penn State, Richard Rosh, dean of Agricultural college and Yurii Woskobiynyk. Erick Barron, President of Penn State University thanked our delegation and agreed to visit National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine by the end of the year.

Denys Ruden 

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