Interesting and available: professional orientation of graduand to school leavers

May 19, 2017

The main aim of professional orientation is optimization of the process of profession choice according to the personal pupils’ interests. At the same time youths’ knowledge about profession and university choices becomes wider and deeper by virtue of interesting paper and video materials given by the graduands of this university. Therefore, the graduand of the Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy NULES of Ukraine Kseniia Chyzhevska, who will get Bachelor diploma of philologist with knowledge of two foreign languages this academic year, visited her native Gymnasium in village Nova Borova, Khoroshivskyi district, Zhytomyr region to meet her dearest teachers and present her University to school leavers. Kseniia gave detailed information about varieties of specialties at the university, especially about specialties of our faculty, which increase annually, and this year we have two more new and prestigious specialties “International relationships and social orientations” and “Psychology” except “Philology” and “Social Work”.

Waiting forward to the correct and well-informed choice of school leavers, and open our door with hospitality. After all, “life presents three life pleasures: friend, love and work” that you can find in one place – National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.

Oksana Ivanova,
Head of the Department

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