13 May 2017, 13:40

From the May  beginning the  seniour scholars of the English Department for Technical  and  Agrobiological Specialties K.Yakushko  and  A. Polishchuk realized the combined   educational  conversation for  the students  either from the  Institute of  Energetics, Automation and Energy Efficiency or  from the Institute of Forestry anf Horticulture.
The  aim of  such event  was   to improve intersubjective, business  and friendly   correlations between the students of  different  faculties and to discuss several questions  according to the electric  devices exhibition  preparation.  The  students  represented  their projects- posters to  be conditionally included into such categories as "Measuring",  "Household devices", "Generating", "Gardening" and "Wood-working".
Each small group  was  responsible  for its  separate categoty to represent  some detailed  characteristics  of the  adequate devices images  (their structure, use, operation, size, weight, colour, producer etc.) to conclude  further other language dialogues between the participators of conditional  exhibition..
Our  future power  engineers  and  wood-working  specialists  were  interested in  such event  because of the opportunity  to solve   practical industrial  tasks.

Seniour scholars of the English Department for Technical
and  Agrobiological Specialties
A. Polishchuk and  K.Yakushko

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