Special event dedicated to the Day of Reconciliation

4 May 2017, 12:00
Faculty of Economics held a thematic event dedicated to the Day of Reconciliation
          In order to commemorate the feat worthy winners of Nazism in Second World War, war veterans, participants of the Ukrainian liberation movement,
perpetuate the memory of those killed in World War II, and strengthening patriotism and national dignity, UKRAINE Presidential Decree №84/2017, preparation and holding in 2017 Memorial Day and reconciliation and the 72 th anniversary of victory over Nazism in Second World War. May 4 at the Faculty of Economics hosted a thematic action to bring courage, love to our Homeland,our history and respect for veterans of World War II.
        The event was attended by Vice Dean of Faculty of Economics: Shish A.M., Nagorniy V.V., Kryvorot O.G., and the guest of honor Professor Department military training Colonel Kovalenko S.D. and students various courses. Everything began with a minute of silence. Then the program was a poem which read Kryvorot O.G., then everyone were delighted watching a movie about war.
       The Second World War - the most brutal event in the history of the modern world. About 67 States,80% of the world population were involved in
those terrible events. In this war killed about 60 million people, not to mention the wounded and those missing disappeared. It was very dangerous times.
Ukraine suffered heavy losses in the war. Generally, the loss amounted to about 8-10 million people. Material losses amounted to 285 billion soviet rubles.
As a result of the fighting injured more than 700 cities and towns, 5.6 thousand bridges, 28 thousand villages, 300 thousand farms.
     Then Colonel Kovalenko S.D. talked about his grandfather, who crossed the Dnipro, and on his own part in the fighting in Afghanistan. Him performance did not leave anyone indifferent. In conclusion, Oleg Kryvorot thanked all present and wished peaceful sky.
«Bless you! Happy Victory Day!»
Glory to Ukraine


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