Students congratulate Grigory M. Dyma

May 11, 2017

       Good afternoon Dear Svetlana M. Amelina and teachers of the department, which was established back in 1973 by Grigory M. Dyma.
      It was the year I entered to the UAA and had a chance to interact with this wonderful, friendly, a remarkable man, a true specialist in German philology as a student, then (1982-84rr.) and as a graduate student of the Research Institute of sugar beet.
     So from the whole community of the former graduate of our institute sincere congratulate Grigory Maksimovic, a veteran of World War II, with the Great Victory Day. I wish Mighty Health, family comfort, peace of mind !!!


Associate Professor of the National Aviation University,
PhD in Sciences
Volokha M.P.


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