First-year students-philologists met with the translator and editor of leading German media

April 18, 2017

          Department of Foreign Philology and organized a meeting for first-year students-philologists with the famous translator, editor of leading German media - Marcian Ostapchuk. He was born in Germany in the Ukrainian family. The family always supported ]Ukrainian tradition, spoke only Ukrainian. Father Anfir Ostapchuk - Ukrainian Orthodox Church priest in Germany. Of course, for Markiyan Ostapchuk both Ukrainian and German is the native language since a child he speaks two languages.







      The meeting was held in a friendly, exciting atmosphere. Students had the opportunity to enrich their knowledge, learn more about future career and once again make sure it is - a very interesting and high demand in the labor market.

Natalia Bilous,
Associate Professor of the Department of
Foreign Philology and Translation

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