Conducting section meetings 71st student scientific-practical conference "Modern Humanities in interpreting of young researchers"

April 25, 2017



Place and time

Head and Secretary of the Section

Section 12 Аctual problems of translation

Corps 1, classroom 15, 11.40

Head – PhD in Philology, associate professor Olkhovska N.S.,

Secretary – Griaznova A.

Section 13 German in Ukraine: historical aspects and present

Corps 1, classroom 19, 13.15

Head – PhD in Pedagogy, senior lecturer – Monashnenko A.M.,

Secretary – Shvets B.

Section 14 French in a multicultural European space

Corps 1, classroom 27, 11.40

Head – PhD in Pedagogy, associate professor Musiichuk S.M.,

Secretary – Pryshchepa O.

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