About the Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy

May 7, 2017

The priority directions of faculty activities are to:
- develop modern legal frameworks for improvement of higher education;
- ensure equal access to quality higher education for all citizens of Ukraine;
- improve the mechanism for selecting and attracting talented children and young people to learn;
- develop and publish teaching materials on electronic media for distance and external forms of training;
- ensure the innovative development of higher education and apply credit-transfer training;
- expand the academic freedom and institutional autonomy, enhance social responsibility and the role of the faculty as a center of integration of national higher education into the European and world educational sphere;
- expand international cooperation and participation of the faculty in European and global educational and scientific projects.
The academic process is grounded on an optimal interaction of departments, educational, scientific and production laboratories, center of social and psychological services, specialized classrooms and practical training bases.
The lecturers of the Faculty do their best to provide high-quality training of future specialists – translators, social workers – by giving students thorough theoretical knowledge of the specialty, forming practical skills and abilities required for professional activity, implementing the latest achievements of modern sciences and innovative educational technologies into the learning process, teaching students to be creative and proactive, encouraging them to acquire knowledge independently and develop their personal outlook through lifelong learning.
In response to the demands of labour market and ensure the competitiveness of its graduates, the faculty steadily raises its requirements and criteria of quality training: professionalism, IT competences, ability to work in the global information space; fluency in one or more foreign languages; taking initiative, communication skills, willingness and high working efficiency.
Training of highly qualified specialists is provided by experienced lecturers who make use of modern material and technical base, advanced training methods and information technologies.
The faculty has launched a number of long-term educational and scientific projects and programs focused on modernization of the educational process on the basis of innovation, quality training of new generations.
The research directions of the faculty have contributed to the scientific and socio-economic potential of the country.
There are eight scientific schools at the faculty occupying leading positions in Ukraine. They closely cooperate with the renowned universities both in Ukraine and in such foreign countries as the US, the UK, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and others. These scientific schools are headed by university professors: S.Nikolaenko, doctor of pedagogy; V. Shynkaruk, doctor of philology; A.Bezpalenko, doctor of philology; S. Kiral, doctor of philology; P. Luzan, doctor of pedagogy; R. Sopivnyk, doctor of pedagogy; S. Amelina, doctor of pedagogy.
The primary strategic objective of the staff policy is to provide advanced training opportunities for scientific and pedagogical staff, create comfortable conditions for research activities, writing and defense of candidate's and doctoral theses.
The professors of the faculty are members of international educational institutions and organizations.
National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine and the Faculty of the Humanities and Pedagogy as its constituent part are the indisputable leaders in international cooperation. The faculty is developing relations with foreign partners in the framework of over 170 partnership agreements, as well as through bilateral cooperation agreements between the faculty and the leading foreign universities and research centers.
The main directions of international cooperation of the faculty are to:
- provide programs of academic mobility of scholars, professors and students between universities-partners in accordance with the European and international practice of scientific and educational activities;
- implement double degree programs, allowing foreign and domestic students to deepen intercultural communication and enrich their experience by being introduced to international scientific schools;
- attract foreign students to study at the faculty;
- invite scholars and teachers from other countries to give lecture and carry out joint research;
- set up bilateral and multilateral partnerships, participate in international programs supported by international governmental and non-governmental organizations;
- participate in international projects (joint scientific conferences, symposiums, "round tables", exchange of scientific literature, international associations and unions);
- collaborate with representatives of foreign states in Ukraine on organization of cultural events, exchange of scientific and learning materials and information on educational services in Ukraine and worldwide;
- coordinate and assist in organizing business trips abroad for teaching staff (together with the department for international activities of NULES of Ukraine).
The faculty has set up a good tradition to invite outstanding specialists on international relations, politicians, teachers, linguists, statesmen from Ukraine and official representatives of foreign countries to give lectures or hold meetings with our students.
Choosing the faculty of the Humanities and Pedagogy of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine to study or do research, you will join one of the most prestigious universities of Ukraine, which will become your alma mater and a reliable partner.
The students of the faculty have an opportunity to master foreign languages (English, German, French) and prepare for taking international exams TOEIC, TOEFL, FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS. Upon passing the test, the graduates will receive a certificate on successful completion of the language course together with the diploma of higher education.
FYI: the official presentation of the Faculty of the Humanities and Pedagogy.

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