There was a open lecture assistant professor Natalia Petrivna Venheruk with discipline "Computer technologies in accounting, auditing and taxation"

March 23, 2017

 23.03.2017 in the 5 pair audience 233, housing 10 held an open lecture with candidate of economic sciences, associate professor Natalia Petrivna Venheruk on "Systems of electronic reporting" for students OS "Master" specialty "Accounting and Taxation" discipline "Computer technology accounting, auditing and taxation. "

At the lecture was attended by head of the department of accounting and taxationdoctor of economic sciences, professor E.V. Kalyuha, Head of the Department of Statistics and Analysis, doctor of economic sciences, Professor V.K. Savchuk, head the Master Degree Programs candidate of economic sciences, assistant professor O. M. Kolesnikova, candidate of economic sciences, assistant professor S.V. Tyvonchuk, O.A. Boyarova, N.P. Kuzyk .

During the lectures students are familiarized with questions normative support electronic environment, reporting, considered the steps that must be done for the organization of the submission process. In addition, lectures illustrated the essence of digital signature, strengthened certificate key accredited key certification center . Participants had the opportunity to visually see comparison table with a description basic functionality of typical software for filing reports in electronic form which allows oriented when choosing a program to work in the business.
The lecturer actively to involve students in a dialogue during which they lively discussed the advantages and disadvantages of electronic reporting, familiar with the offer market of Ukraine modern software for reporting by electronically. Attending an open lecture students and teachers positively assessed content of lectures held, said a variety of methods and methods of presentation material and recognize that the information improves the quality of training of future professionals.

Lyudmila Melyankova, assistant professor of

Departament “Accounting and Taxation”

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