Erasmus + mobility program promotes professional development of teachers of Economic Faculty

May 4, 2017
24-28 of April 2017 in the framework of Erasmus + assistant professor of statistics and economic analysis Oksana Makarchuk visited the Faculty of Production Engineering at Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Warsaw (Poland).
Oksana Makarchuk presented the Economic Faculty of NULES of Ukraine, in particular, the history and activities of multi-vector activities of the Faculty. The lectures were held for students of Master degree on the specialty of "Management" on the following themas: the object and tasks of market analysis; market analysis methodology; the process of market analysis; characteristic of the components of market analysis. The students showed interest to the agricultural market in Ukraine and during the discussion expressed their view on the current trends in agricultural production and its realization in Poland.
Participation in the Erasmus + Programme will facilitate further improvement of educational approaches, which in turn will enhance the quality of educational work at the department. With mobility in the frame of the Erasmus+ is the possibility to continue cooperation with the teachers of the Faculty of Production Engineering of Warsaw University of Life Sciences. In May 2017 is expected visit of the candidate of agricultural sciences J. Skudlarski in NUBiP of Ukraine.
Vasyl Savchuk,
Head of the Department of Statistics and Economic Analysis



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