Hop into English with America House Kyiv

April 19, 2017

Students-philologists (senior year) do not only study hard during lessons, but also from time to time participate in English-speaking clubs, movies, parties organized by our favourite America House Kyiv! Yes, parties, where they have the opportunity to celebrate spring at America House with a fun English language party and, of course, with American guests, games and prizes.

Today, on April 19, 2017, students (Asya Deiko, Eugenii Ageev, Andriy Vetrishchenko, Anastasia Anikeeva) with their teacher Oksana Ivanova visited English language party devoted to Easter and were involved into friendly atmosphere of the English speaking club with native speakers, performed the song and dramatization, made pictures and won prizes.

As the theme of our lesson is ART, we also had the opportunity to observe exhibition of paintings of Ukrainian modern artists, discuss the styles of these masterpieces, and get the drift. Everyone was pleased and satisfied, delighted and happy.

Oksana Ivanova, head of the Department

Регіональні навчальні заклади (синій)Захисти дисертаційНабір на навчання (синій)_2015

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