Intercultural communication connects people

20 March 2017, 10:37

XXI century is the century of mobility and intercultural communication. Erasmus+ program affords an opportunity for the students and teachers from around the world to study and share the knowledge, experience and scientific achievements, have trainings or teach in another country.

Students and teaching staff of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine were offered the possibility of Erasmus+ program (two our students have been studying at ISA Lille, France, specialty “Ecology”, and associate professors Oleksandr Labenko, Tetiana Stephanovska, Liudmyla Kava, Oksana Ivanova, Kateryna Chymosh attended International Credits Mobility Project Staff Training Week (ISA Lille, France)).

All the programs of international cooperation are due to the international program orientation. Successful communication of different countries’ representatives mainly depends on “foreign codes” acquirement, on the necessity of the language barrier copability. Modern enlightened person is able to perceive world’s entirety, and relevance of intercultural friendship between nations.    Different aspects of culture, such as way of life, mentality, national character, values and religious play a significant role in the sphere of international communication. Accordingly, there is a course of “Intercultural Communication” for the international students of Catholic University (Lille, France) and ISA Lille students which helps them understand their difference, and, at the same time, find the ways of understanding each other, adapt in a foreign country and achieve common aim – getting good knowledge at the University.

Director of Educational and Scientific Centre for International Activity Oleksandr Labenko, leading specialist of this centre Kateryna Chymosh and head of the department of English for Technical and Agrobiological Specialties Oksana Ivanova attended lecture “Intercultural Communication” given by Doctor Douglas Grant (Great Britain) for the international students and were involved into the educational process.
Such cooperation motivates them to implement course of Intercultural communication into NULES educational plan for the foreign students which helps them adapt and enjoy their learning process at National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, and also increase the number of foreign students.

Certificates of attendance were given to all participants of the program.

Oksana Ivanova,
head of the Department of English for Technical
and Agrobiological Specialties

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