March 7, 2017

During  past winter  days our  freshman, the  future  specialist in automation M. Pavlovskyi being  supervised  by  K. Yakushko (the seniour  scholar of  the  English Department for Technical and  Agrobiological Specialties) visited  Korosten' town collegium  in Zhytomyr region.  The native collegium of the town being lit by the legends about  princess Olha  and famous  for its  abundant  raw materials warmly greeted its last year graduate who had said about the state and perspectives of studying at the National  University of Life  and Environmental Sciences of  Ukraine and at the  Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy.  The Korosten's  slogan "It  does not  burn in fire" might be correlated  with  our  task to  overcome  the  difficulties in vocational  work.

K. Yakushko

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