The goal of education is to train a person to life

January 24, 2017

A training seminar for departments heads took place at the university on January 24. Rector Stanislav Nikolaienko introduced President of NAPS of Ukraine Vasyl Kremen, MP of Ukraine Ivan Kyrylenko and Deputy President of NAPS of Ukraine Andriy Gurzhiy. In Ivan Kyrylenko words, it is the personality that counts, the rest is in the second place. Honored guests presented awards to the faculty staff. Sydsr Kiral was awarded with "Emeritus Worker of Science of Ukraine"; professor Mykola Solodkyi and vice rector for educational and academic activity Serhii Kvasha were awarded with Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine gratitude letters. Stanislav Nikolaienko was awarded with a diploma of a corresponding member of NAPS of Ukraine.



Ivan Kyrylenko said that this year is rather important for Ukraine. Both politicians and experts are claiming it. However, without science and educated nation there will be no progress. The guest wished the faculty staff success in training specialists for the agricultural sector, which is the locomotive of the country’s economy.




Speaking about current problems of teacher education in Ukraine, Vasyl Kremen said that NUBiP faculty are tackling these successfully. He briefly described the mission and the structure of National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, which are unique units, particulalry the institute of specialized education, which is the only one in Ukraine. As for the current state of education, we are on the threshold of reforms. The main mission of education is to prepare people for life. The education, in addition to its traditional functions must still perform at least two main functions that is to develop the ability to learn, (here we are talking about information or informal education), and to learn to use this knowledge in practice. Vasyl Kremen also explained that the objective of education is to shape innovative people with innovative thinking. After all, to achieve this without including a research component into a creative process is impossible. And we should also support a self-sufficient individual to develop. As only such a person is able to found a democratic state. A modern society is characterized by globalization processes, the development of any country depends on how each citizen can cooperate with others. So in fact this is the only task to learn to teach skillfully. However, we should not forget to enhance love and respect for our motherland. In general, education should enable people to reach their talents. Here we speak about a child-centred or a learner-centred academic process. Vasyl Kremen hopes for further tight cooperation between our university and academy.






The report rose hot debates. Stanislav Nikolaienko was wondering if it possible to join course at high school. Petro Lakyda, director of Educational and Research Institute of forestry gave a direct question What direction will our education move to? Vasyl Kremen said that we should reconsider the system of higher educational establishments in Ukraine in order to make them more flexible and to meet the needs of a student. Svitlana Harchenko, vice dean of Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy asked how a Master graduate enters the classroom and starts to work without having pedagogical and psychological education. Vasyl Kremen suggested to incorporate pedagogical courses into the curriculum.



Ihor Ibatullin, first vice-rector is concerned about uniting many specialties as it will worsen the training of specialists. Vasyl Kremen agreed with this concern. Professor Semen Tanchyk asked about the role of a textbook in the process of training a specialist in the era of information technologies. The answer was to unite not to oppose.



Taras Vysotskyi professed his expectations about the agrarian education. Taras Vysotskyi is head of association of “Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business”. Professor Andriy Martyn is concerned about annual decrease of job offers in agriculture. Taras Vysotskyi stated that it will continue though new jobs which agriculture demands will appear instead. Professor Olha Yakubchak wanted to know why business does not train specialists for itself. The speaker gave examples of several firms which do such a thing but it takes time. Professor Semen Tanchyk wanted to know if business is satisfied with the quality of our graduates. Taras Vysotskyi said that very often graduate lack management and psychological skills.

Yuriy Polupan reported about selection and genetic component of milking animal breeding. Professor Liubov Hudoliy spoke about changes in Tax Code of Ukraine for 2017.


Ruslan Sopivnyk covered the issue of ethical standards in higher school as well as about educating students while training them a lecturer or a professor should be a model for students. Another crucial issue is academic integrity and as our university is of environmental focus Ruslan Sopivnyk spoke about problems of environmental protection.



Olha Nakonechna 

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