NUBIP of Ukraine among top universities by ARES-2016

January 27, 2017

     This year annual ARES (Academic Ranking European Standards) became the issue of interest for many participants as in Ukraine so from abroad. This ranking is done in direct accordance with European Standards and Guidelines for quality assurance in the European higher education area.

     The fact that the achievements of academic achievements do not depend on human factor and this ranking does not depend on such parameters as Nobel prize laureates (by ARWU the absence of Nobel Prize laureates lowers the ranking) makes ARES more inviting for universities. This year the results of this ranking are to some extent surprising.

     European scientific and industrial chamber which unites employers from Western and Eastern Europe presented ARES-2016. This ranking assesses the ability of higher educational establishments to provide students with all necessary knowledge, to conduct scientific researches as well to interact with future employers.

     National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine takes the 10th place among 61 Ukrainian higher educational establishments. The number 61 is the highest possible number of universities which are permitted to participate in this ranking. In fact our university shares the eighth place with other two universities. We are ahead of such universities as Uzhhorod National University, Lviv Polytechnical Mining University in comparison with 2015 when these universities were ahead of our university. By the way Kyiv-Mohyla academy has taken only the 18th place. Now we are close to such universities as Odesa National University named after I. Mechnikov and Chernivtsi national university named after I. Fedkovych. 

      NUBiP of Ukraine has the category ВВВ+ by this ranking. It means that we have a good quality performance that is a high quality teaching, a broad research activity and employers are interested in our graduates. This ranking takes into consideration the criteria such as: how the university provides a high quality teaching, the strategy of university management; it evaluates the rules which enhance education quality, constant improvement of teaching techniques of teaching, monitoring educational and academic approaches, the achievements of faculty staff over the year 2015 (for example, invitations to participate in international conferences or organization of national and international conferences), the number of conferences and symposiums in which faculty staff participated in 2016, the list of foreign higher educational establishments the university cooperated with, doing research and academic projects in 2015, the rate between a number of publications in journals in 2015 and the number of full-time staff, a number of faculty staff and a number of scientific degrees, the presence of a programme to develop relationships with potential employers.

     Further information is by

1National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv (Kiev)A+
2National Technical University Kharkov Polytechnical Institute ( Национальный технический университет Харьковский политехнический институт)A+
3Taurida National V I Vernadsky University ( Таврический Национальный Университет В И Вернадского)A
4National Technical University of Ukraine Kyiv (Kiev) Polytechnic Institute ( Національний технічний університет України Київський політехнічний інститут)BBB+
5Kharkov National University VN Karazin ( Харківський національний університет В Н Каразіна)BBB+
6Sumy State UniversityBBB+
7Ivan Franko National University of Lviv ( Львівський національний університет Івана Франка)BBB+
8Odessa National I I Mechnikov UniversityBBB
9Chernivtsi National University Y Fedkovych ( Чернівецький національний університет Ю Федьковича)BBB
10National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (National Agricultural University) ( Національний Університет біоресурсів і природокористування України)BBB
11National Mining University of Ukraine ( Національний гірничий університет)BB+
12Lviv Polytechnic National University ( Національний університет Львівська політехніка)BB+
13Uzhhorod National University (Transcarpathian State University) ( Ужгородський національний університет)BB+
14Ternopil National Economy UniversityBB+
15Donetsk State Medical University ( Донецкий национальный медицинский университет М Горького)BB+

Anatolii Shostak 

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