Faculty staff train in leading universities of the United States

January 12, 2017

     As part of the exchange program of teachers (Faculty Exchange Program) a senior lecturer in administrative management and foreign economic activity of Faculty of Agricultural Management Dmytro Kyryliuk visited the United States, where he trained at the University of Missouri and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

     Dmytro Kyryliuk studied thoroughly the American system of higher education, peculiarities of agricultural management and governance of agricultural areas, infrastructure of the agrarian market of the United States and the mechanisms of its regulation. He also studied the experience of distance education and improved and adapted academic courses for students of Faculty of Agricultural and Economic Management. The program enabled him to get to know the work of private enterprises and agrobusiness markets of Missouri and California in order to understand and to experience the principles and practice of management, marketing and finance. 

    Dmytro obtained a useful experience in the academic process, improved the programs of the courses, using American experience and advanced teaching methods, established relationships with the teachers of the University of Missouri, which will enable him to continue cooperation and conduct joint researches.

Oksana Riabchenko,
Director of educational and scientific centre
for international activity

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