Scientists Petro Lakyda and Anatolii Shvydenko won the competition of research projects of Ukrainian and Austrian scientific and technical cooperation

November 21, 2016

     According to Ministry of science and education of Ukraine ( the 7th meeting of Ukrainian and Austrian committee of scientific and research cooperation took place at Ministry of European, integration and international affairs of Republic of Austria, Wien, Austria on November 11, 2016.
     Ukrainian delegation was headed by vice minister of science and education M.V. Striha, Austrian delegation was headed by Evelin fon Bullov, vice head of the department of Federal Ministry for European, integration and international affairs of Republic of Austria. 
     A working program of scientific and technical cooperation for the period of 2017-2018 was discussed and approved. This program contains principles of foci of cooperation and administrative and financial conditions of scholar exchange.
     Protocol was signed and 11 projects of mutual researches as well as financial support for the period of 2017–2018 were approved.



     One of the projects is a Ukrainian-Austrian research study «The estimation of carbn cycle of forests based on modern system approaches». Heads of this project are professor Petro Lakyda (NUBIP of Ukraine) and Anatoliy Shvydenko (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Austria, Laxenburg).

Andriy Bilous,
director of Research Institute of
Forestry and Landscape Gardening

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