Freshman of the faculty of Animal Sciences and Water Bioresources Ilona Rososhchyk: to become a successful business woman one should go through all stages of the production process

November 18, 2016

     Our interviewer today is a student of the faculty of animal sciences and water bioresources Ilona Rososhchyk who entered National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine giving our university the priority and dreams about her own business of producing and processing animal products.

– Why did you choose the profession of a technologist?
– When I was thinking about my future profession I understood that I am really into biology and everything that is related to nature though my parents persuaded me to take in economy and education studies. I have many relatives who work in agriculture. My uncle, for example, built a large agricultural corporation abroad. He proved that it is a profitable business but everyone needs to eat. And it is a fact that Ukraine lacks meat and meat products. I want to challenge it.

– The deficit might be connected with low income of population? And it is economy not animal production…
– This situation has two sides. Firstly, it is underproduction which is related to low motivation of farmers and return on sales of products. The second is economical, the market is controlled by monopolists who do not allow small businesses to present their products. I think we should start from the beginning, that is to do their work skilfully and to suggest high quality products. In this case one will be able to compete with monopolists and get financially motivated. And the second part of your question. I think, to become a successful businesswoman one should go through all stages of the production process. I also chose NUBIP of Ukraine because I can get here the second higher education, for example, economical, in order to get the knowledge which will help me in my future.



– Let us speak about practice. Are you interested to establish your own startup at one of educational and research farms of the university and try to learn from own mistakes and success?
– it is an interesting idea! I also know about the council of employees of pour faculty. Students say this this council helps to train at successful enterprises. Now I am concentrating on obtaining new knowledge. Maybe later my friends and me will establish own business. But first I would like to learn the experience of working enterprises. And one more thing. Our university enables us to train abroad. I want to stand this chance and go to Europe!

– What do you do in free time?
– People say that I am talented in acting. At school I participated in different performances. Once I even acted as Steha in the performance «Nazar Stodolia». I continue performing, I want to join university theatre «Berezil», but it will be after the first examination session.

– Speaking about Steha: is past and contemporary morality the same?
– I think not. Nowadays love and family take the second place. The first place is taken with one’s carreer and success. But no one is safe from the arrows of Cupid …

– Soon you will take first pass and fail exams and exams. What is your strategy?
– Study. There is no other choice. I hope professors will estimate my work in an appropriate way but I am preparing my parents to hear the worst news, so that it would not be a surprise for them if I lost a stipend. But in any case I will do my best to succeed at exams. A bad mark can be corrected.

– You have studies at the university for two months. Which subject do you thinks is extra in the curriculum and which subject is missing?.
– Chemistry is very difficult, but we can do nothing without it. I do not think that we need more additional subjects. I trust the curriculum and professors. For example Inna Kurbatova impresses me. She is like my school teacher of biology objective and demanding. Due to such professors as Inna Kurbatova we will be skillful specialists.

The interview was conducted by Denys Ruden 

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