Enhlish week at our University

November 16, 2016

     2016 was proclaimed a year of the English language in Ukraine so teaching faculty and students of National University of Life and Environmental sciences of Ukraine supported this idea and organised English week.

      Many honourable people visited the even. Among them there were vice rector for educational activity Serhii Kvasha, director of America House Kyiv Christi-Anne Hoffland, professor and choreographer Peter Kyle, director of International House Kyiv Loic Breiden Back. Peter Kyle is currently working at NUBiP of Ukraine to realise the project of Fulbright Specialist Program. 

      Two department did their best to make this event unforgettable, such as Romance and Germanic Languages and Translation Department, and Cultural Sciences Department. Students showed their knowledge of English and three Cossacks who also attended the event made up their minds to study English at faculty of Humanities and Pedagogics. 

      The oncoming English week will be full of various interesting events which will enlarge our knowledge in English and American traditions, customs and language. The posters in the first and fifteenth building will inform us about the events in terms of the English language which will take place in Kyiv. English is a global language. So learn it and communicate with the world! 



Olena Soloviova,
senior teacher of Romance and Germanic
Languages and Translation Department
Yuliia Zakatei,
a student of the Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogics 

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