Our graduate Maksym Muzhanov is a true military and patriotic man

November 3, 2016

     The headquarters of Donetsk border detachment of Eastern regional department of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine sent a letter of gratitude to Rector of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Stanislav Nikolaienko. Maksym Muzhanov, who graduated from faculty of agrarian management in 2014 is serving there now.



      «A young officer, who graduated from department of military training, volunteered to defend our Motherland from Russian invaders. Being a military man of Kharkiv border detachment he participated in ATO at Kramatorsk and Luhansk border detachments. Later he volunteered in Donetsk border detachment where he is servicing now and is fighting against illegal military groups and illegal goods movement through the border.

      Lieutenant Muzhanov is an example of bravery and heroism for all military men of mobile border detachment «Mariupol». He never failed and never let his friends and the headquarters down. 

     During the antiterrorist operation a graduate of Your higher educational establishment is serving his country and Ukrainian people selflessly. His patriotism and devotion to duty deserves respect. Not words but actions proved that he is a warrior, defender, true officer and a real border guard. 

     The headquarters of Donetsk border detachment express you sincere gratitude for educating a highly professional and patriotic young officer at the department of military training of NUBIP of Ukraine.

І.M. Chornopishchuk,
head of Donetsk border detachment» 

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