An unusual way of professional development at e-summer pottery academy

August 7, 2016

     Being constantly in a creative search of new methods and techniques of teaching, deepening their knowledge, teachers from the department of culturology find unusual ways of professional development. It became especially important after the discipline "ethnoculturology" had been introduced into the curriculum of Bachelors’ training. 

     Thus, Yaryna Pusyrenko, associate professor, candidate of philological sciences took part in the competition, was selected and was one of 10 participants at e- summer pottery academy. It is held at National Museum and Park of Ukrainian Pottery in Opishne, Poltava region for the sixth time.

     The invitation letter says “Experts Council supported Yaryna Vasilivna because of her creativity and the ability to transmit the knowledge obtained at the training in Opishne to a big number of students and she teaches discipline “Eethnoculturoly” and runs Art Studio “Golosiivska palette”.

     The training was very intensive. It included foundations of pottery; cultivating practical skills of working with clay; theoretical knowledge of art history and art ceramics; creative communication between leading artists, specialists in pottery and craftsmen of Ukraine.


     The experience obtained in Opishne is invaluable. Indeed, being in the creative environment of the museum, obtaining the knowledge from famous ceramists and specialists in pottery, participants of the academy mastered the skill of working at the pottery wheel, learning to make traditional whistlers from clay, studied the secrets of Opishne painting and the way to decorate ceramics which is called fliandrivka. Lectures held by ceramics specialists on the history of pottery in Ukraine and abroad, technologyof ceramics were especially interesting and useful.

     Every day there was a lecture, a workshop held by invited craftmen, both experienced specialists in pottery and young talented pottery specialists, collective and individual classes with creative curators, outstanding pottery craftmen Zinaida Blyzniuk and Serhii Rad’ko. And of course creative individual work. Because in order to have time to reinforce one’s skills during the day, one should stay long hours and get up early in the morning to be able to work before nine o’clock, the time when the official program started.

     Every day presented some creative event, whether it was the work with watering or meeting in a craftman’s house and studio, observing the process of making ceramics using the technique of aedicule, or visiting an exhibition of ceramics, or presenting pieces made on the eve or participating in the opening of the unique sculpture composition at 3 am. It is difficult to list all events.

     Every day is videoed and is avalaible at

    In general Opishne is a unique place in Ukraine. This museum complex as a part of National Museum and Park of Ukrainian Pottery which run by CEO Oles’ Poshyvaylo, doctor of historical sciences, can be a good example of the coordinated team work which does not only preserve but also refines and develops the pottery centre, making it well-known ceramics centre. This is an example of how professionalism is combined with inspired work can result in great success.

Iryna Maidaniuk,
head of the department,
Yaryna Pusyrenko,
associate professor of the department of culturology

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