The researcher of Faculty of Agrarian Management presented Doctrine of accelerated economic growth of Ukraine in 2017-2027

July 15, 2016

     Lydia Shynkaruk, head of the department of industrial and investment management, doctor of economic sciences, professor, corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine, took part in the meeting of experts at Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Berlin and on behalf of Ukraine’s delegation presented key elements of the doctrine of accelerated economic growth of Ukraine in 2017-2027.

     The document which was developed by the working group headed by L. Shynkaruk was approved by experts from Germany.

     Lidiia Shynkaruk reported that the world’s existing economic system and the system of political relations are being transformed. It is challenging for the economy of Ukraine but at the same time it opens new strategic economic priorities and enables us to change the model of economic development of Ukraine. Ukraine again appears at the crossroads of development paths and constantly postponing the implementation of strategic objectives of the state, experiences consequences of non-systemic reforms as well as technological neglect of the domestic economy, populism, and legal nihilism.

     Ukraine should become a highly organized country that creates conditions for sustainable development and provides a wide range of opportunities for individual development. It will enhance the sense of justice and social solidarity as well as public confidence.

     National economy should be integrated into the economies which are based on knowledge, while establishing a strong industrial base, which is the source of productivity and competitiveness.

     This model of the development allows to attract the population’s attention to processes of modernization and, being an important impulse for the population activeness, including socially excluded ones, ensures an equal access to knowledge, which reduces structural unemployment and poverty. It will initiate our entry into a new economy with high level of employment, productivity and social and territorial cohesion.

     An integral part of the accelerated growth is the promotion of small and medium businesses which will enable us to fulfill, first of all, a social function, namely, to reduce unemployment in the country and to increase the production of original products, which can not be produced by large enterprises.
     SME are able to form a strong developmental potential, because they are relatively quick to create jobs, including employees who were dismissed from large enterprises; they are flexible to adapt to new rules on the market and have a high potential for the development of a creative economy and are able to compete in the global market.

     The ultimate goal of economic reforms should be a significant increase in population’s welfare for the next 10 years and an effective protection of people’s fundamental rights and freedoms in Ukraine as well as the formation of numerous and powerful middle class.

Anatolii Ostapchuk, 
Dean of Faculty of Agricultural Management 

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