Ministry of Education of Ukraine licensed specialty «International relations» at Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy

July 13, 2016

     Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy has been working at expanding its educational services to meet the needs of the state’s economics and demands of the labour market. We analyse and study the world and European leading countries’ experience in the sphere of training specialists, and thus perform active international activity. This work resulted in establishing bilateral ties with foreign partners (Poland, Greece, Germany, Check Republic, France and others). All this helped to license a new specialty “International relations, public communication and regional studies”. 

     Higher educational establishments which implement innovative educational technologies and have highly qualified faculty and well-developed material, technical and academic resources can train specialists in this area. Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy meets these high demands and standards and has been permitted to expand its educational services in this sphere. 

     “International relations, public communication and regional studies” graduates will be able to work as attachés, diplomatic agents, diplomatic couriers, assistant of an expert on foreign policy issues of countries (regions), a political analyst assistant, a secretary of a diplomatic agency, an assistant of a consultant on foreign policy issues of a country or region, officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, as well as take various positions in diplomatic corps in Ukraine and abroad. 

     Future specialists will profoundly study foreign languages such as English, German, French, Polish, Chinese and others. 

     These achievements motivate Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy to set new targets. 

Vasyl Shynkaruk,
Dean of Faculty 

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