Oleksandr Kolodyazhnyi: I consider the way of scholar promising and interesting

May 25, 2016

     Our today’s interlocutor is the Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, assistant of the Chair of Molecular Biology, Microbiology and Biosafety Oleksandr Kolodyazhnyi.

– Of all the options available, why have you chosen the path of a scholar?

     – I believe that science, in particular, is the engine of progress, and its high level in the state – the key to future development. The way of scientist is a promising and interesting one, as it’s a constant moving forward, self-improvement, discovery and reaching new horizons, exchanging experiences. It is from the fundamental science that jumpstarts innovation implementation that contributes to the future development of advanced technologies. Therefore, I believe that the scientific field may form the person that could be useful to society.

– Your scientific subject “Study of Metagenome of Prokaryotes of Agricultural Soils and Features of Structure Formation of Microbial Complexes in Different Agricultural Measures”. What was the reason behind such a choice?

     – Biological component of soil, microbiome in particular, is the foundation of forming highly productive agricultural ecosystems. Rapid response of microbial biodiversity on the impact factors is a reliable diagnostic feature for soil state monitoring under different agricultural operations and changing of ecosystem as a whole. But today, the knowledge gained by classical microbiological methods are insufficient for complex scientific justification on accounting the biological component and its potential in the formation of highly productive agriecosystems, as the species that are not cultivated on elective nutrient media have poorly understood microbial gene pool and unresolved functions of most microorganisms remain. These problems can be solved rapid development of molecular biology and, therefore, the use of modern molecular and biological methods.

– What is the applicable value of your research?

     – We have developed and adapted the methods of isolation and purification of total DNA of soil organisms from typical black soil. Using molecular and biological methods, the structure of microbial complex of typical black soil in agrocoenosis of winter wheat in different farming systems. The results have practical implications for agricultural production in choosing modern agriculture systems and in justification of the use of appropriate agricultural operations that contribute to the formation of microbial homeostasis component of soil and effective plant-microbial systems. Database of metagenome diversity and taxonomic constitution of prokaryotes of studied soil will serve to expand the search of indicator species for developing the methods of soil bio-diagnostics. At the same time, further analysis of metagenome diversity can serve as a guide for the works on the search of functional genes and microorganisms to be used in various levels of biotechnology.

– Who, I mean supervisor, played a major role in choosing the area of your applied search?

     – In my growing as a scholar and choice of the area of search I owe to my research supervisor – Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, laureate of the State Prize in Science and Technology, laureate of NAAS of Ukraine, Head of the Department of Ecobiotechnology and Biodiversity Mykola Patyka.

– What are you dreaming about today?

     – The main dream today, above all, is peace and bright sky in our country, rapid and sustainable development of Ukraine and moving towards leading positions in the world. I hope for further development of science and its role in strengthening of our state, which would help increase the share of funding and the number of innovative high-tech products. I also try to occupy a worthy place in stormy and rapid development of our society and country.

Conversation was held by Iryna Bilous 

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