Delegation of the Department of Livestock and Aquatic Bioresources presented the University at the international conference on biodiversity of genetic resources of farm animals in Baisogala (Lithuania)

May 23, 2016

     Biodiversity preservation of farm animals has been the main focus of researchers over the past 30 years. With intensive development of international trade and the deepening of globalization processes which have led to the unification of technologies in agricultural production in almost all regions of the world, the process of reducing the number of animal species has taken critical proportions.
     To prevent further deepening of the problem, on 1992 in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) the Convention on the Protection of Biodiversity was signed, with Ukraine having joined it as well and committed itself to implementation of the Convention and information of the international community about its actions.

     Issues of coordination actions and sustainable use of genetic resources in animal breeding was uncovered in the International Conference “Biodiversity of Genetic Resources of Farm Animals and their Importance for the Ecosystem Balance”, that held in Baisogala (Lithuania) at the Institute of Livestock, on May 19-20.

     The conference was attended by representatives from Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Ukraine. Our university was represented by Dean of the Department of Livestock and Aquatic Bioresources Vadym Kondratyuk, head of the Chair of Genetics, Breeding and Animal Biotechnology Andriy Hetya and Associate Professor of the same Department Iryna Suprun.

     At the conference discussions were conducted on using new methods of ex-situ conservation, prospects of attracting genetic-molecular approaches to the characterization of genetic resources, the effectiveness of cross-border cooperation and others. The participants of the conference also got acquainted with the Institute laboratories and visited the exhibition of local animal species. Ukrainian delegation briefed colleagues on the state of local genetic resources and participated in portraiture session.

Iryna Suprun,
Associate Professor of Genetics, Breeding
and Animal Biotechnology 

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