Students of the Land Management Department send their warmest wishes

March 9, 2016

Dear ladies of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine! On behalf of all men of the Land Management Department, we congratulate you on the most wonderful spring holiday – the International Women’s Day!

   This first spring holiday is traditionally connected with happy smiles, flowers, and greetings. It gives us special pleasure to congratulate our beautiful girls and women and on this day and express our cordial gratitude to them for love and devotion they carry in their hearts, for goodness and beauty, supportive atmosphere, hope and light they bring into this world. And we wish you, dear girls and women, every success, unfading health and beauty, prosperity and happiness!

Once Joseph Conrad said, “Being a woman is a terribly difficult trade since it consists principally of dealings with men.” So, let all men give their love, admiration and respect to you forever and ever because you, like spring, give us hope for rejuvenation in our lives!    


The Breath of Spring...


The breath of Spring
Lifting on wings that feel
The pulse of Life
Hope that will bring
A sense of 'real'
After the shadowy, wintry days
Now gone...

The dawn's first whispering
Of gentle birdsong 'wakening
To splendid day,
The heart takes wing
And soars majestically
On freedom's way...

What joy indeed!
The poet in me
Rejoices midst the gentle need
To happy be...
And count his blessings!


Mykyta Haltsov,

Nazar Sviatyna,

the first year students of the Land Management Department

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