Department of Statistics and Economic Analysis

Research and teaching staff of the Department

   The teaching staff consists of 17 people: professor V. K. Savchuk; PhD, associate professors: O.F. Kyryliuk, T.S Kineva, O.M. Kostenko, T.V. Kuts, O.G. Makarchuk, T.D. Mykytcej, A.O. Muzychenko, O.I. Symonenko, A.V. Chukhlib, A.M. Shysh, PhD, senior lecturer O.V. Bogdanuik, L.R. Voliak, assistants M.M Guz, N.M. Putkalyuk; Laboratory O.O. Barkova.

   The department provides educational process at different faculties of the university preparing specialists in:

  • Business Economics,

  • Accounting and Audit,

  • Finance and Credit,

  • Organizational Management,

  • Master of Business Administration,

  • Bachelor and Master degree for various sectors of the national economy.

   The teaching staff is constantly improving the level of scientific disciplines which read the department. In addition, the department carries out research work on various topics.

In 2013 accredited specialty "Accounting and Auditing", Master degree and in 2015 Bachelor level.


  1. Every year the department prepares more than 50 bachelors and 50 masters in "Accounting and Audit".

  2. Organize educational and scientific laboratory “Bioeconometrics and data mining”

  3. Department staff involved in the development and scientific support of the complex accounting mechanization in the separate units educational and scientific enterprises of NULES of Ukraine.

  4. The teaching staff takes part in research work, international scientific conferences, congresses and seminars.

  5. Over the past 2 years at the department defended 3 PhD thesis.

  6. The four teachers of the department were trained in the universities of United States.

  7. In recent years, three staff of the department awarded the rank of associate professor.

  8. One staff got thanks of the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

  9. One staff is the honored worker of Ukraine.

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