Implementation of the project "Practices of Social and Economic Inclusion in the EU": exchange of experience and training at Humboldt University

May 16, 2024

    As part of the implementation of the European Union's Erasmus+ project, the Jean Monnet Module "Practices of Social and Economic Inclusion in the EU" (Jean Monnet Module 101127466 - EPSEI - ERASMUS-JMO-2023-HEI-TCH-RSCH), the project working group visited Humboldt University of Berlin.




     Lidia Shynkaruk, project coordinator, corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, professor of the Department of Production and Investment Management, and Svitlana Amelina, project team member, Humboldt University graduate and head of the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation, met with the management of the University's International Department, which coordinates all international programmes of the university. Maryna Delini and Emilia Prushkivska, professors of the Department of Production and Investment Management and members of the project team, joined the meeting online.



     On the first day of the meeting with the Head of the International Department of the Humboldt University, Stefan Karsch, Professor Lidia Shynkaruk presented the project "Practices of Social and Economic Inclusion in the EU", briefed the participants in detail on the content and objectives of the project, outlining the possibilities of transforming its results into further joint research projects and opportunities for holding joint conferences and roundtables within the project. Professor Svitlana Amelina presented the structure and areas of activity of NULES of Ukraine in the context of cooperation opportunities. Stefan Karsch, Head of the International Department of Humboldt University, expressed his interest and hope for future cooperation, especially in the field of research, as the department performs an intermediary function in scientific contacts and provides the necessary support to researchers and students.








    Short offline training sessions were also launched to highlight Ukraine's opportunities to adapt the EU's experience in the field of social and economic inclusion, and four training presentations and discussions with the International Department were held over two days. The mixed format of the training allowed not only representatives of the University of Berlin, but also researchers from NULES of Ukraine to take part in it.
Also during the visit, in addition to meetings directly at the university, the delegation of NULES of Ukraine managed to expand the programme of the visit by getting acquainted with the famous State Library in Berlin, which is the largest scientific library in Germany, and visiting the Berlin Academy of Sciences, also known as the Prussian Academy of Sciences, and exchanging coordinates and directions for possible cooperation.




The project team expresses its sincere gratitude to the Head of the International Department of the Humboldt University Stefan Karsch and the staff of the Department for the meeting, as well as to the staff of the State Library in Berlin, the Berlin Academy of Sciences, and the administration of the NULES of Ukraine for the opportunity to visit.

Jean Monnet Module team
"Practices of Social and Economic Inclusion in the EU"



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