The Faculty of Agricultural Management is deepening cooperation under Mobility and Double Degree Programs

May 16, 2024
Anhalt University of Applied Sciences
From 2nd till 9th of May 2024, Anatolii Ostapchuk, Dean of Agricultural Management Faculty, and Olena Kovtun, Coordinator of International Programs of Agricultural Management Faculty, visited Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Germany. This visit is an extension of the multi-vector cooperation of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine and Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in the direction of training and expanding opportunities for students of Agricultural Management Faculty.
 Anhalt University of Applied Sciences is located in three cities of the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt - Bernburg, Dessau and Köthen, where innovative research and teaching is carried out for 7,800 students in 78 educational programs at the bachelor's and master's level. Education is provided by seven faculties of the university.
The cross-cutting issue of the visit was the question of the possibilities of studying under the parallel study model or double degree programs for applicants enrolled in the new educational program "International Business Management", which was launched by Agricultural Management Faculty in 2023.
The visit began with the participation of the delegation of NUBiP of Ukraine in the Information Day of Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, which takes place only once a year.
During this event, all participants can get acquainted with the study programs, classrooms, research laboratories and projects that are active at the university.
Participation in the Information Day of Anhalt University of Applied Sciences provided an opportunity to communicate with representatives of programs that are interesting of cooperation development with Agricultural Management Faculty. It was possible to get acquainted with the admission conditions for foreign students and the study format directly with the representatives of the programs.
Meetings were held with the coordinator of the “International Trade” MBA program Anand Jayakrishnan.

Yulia Shokhina, a student of Economics Faculty, during the meeting gave a presentation on the features and format of studying under the “International Trade” program. Yulia is currently a student of this Program.




It is interesting that among 50 students who are currently enrolled in this program, 49 are foreigners, and only one is a German citizen. This is due to the fact that this program is an MBA-level program, it is offered in English and, unlike other programs of Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, involves a tuition fee of 1500 euros/semester.
During the visit, there were meetings with the Dean of the Faculty, Yelena Kashtanova, who is a reliable and active partner of NUBiP of Ukraine and thanks to fruitful cooperation with her, Agricultural Management Faculty has number of graduates who are currently employees of international companies both in Ukraine and abroad.

Among them, it is worth mentioning: Tetiana Lapa (Тетяна Лапа), Alona Korniychuk (Альонf Корнійчук), Mykola Perehochuk (Микола Перехожук), Olha Danyliuk (Ольга Данилюк), Maksym Lysitsa (Максим Лисиця), Natalia Furman (Наталія Фурман), Vadym Plyushko (Вадим Плюшко), and others. Possibilities for wider involvement of students of Agricultural Management Faculty in the educational programs of the Faculty of Anhalt University of Applied Sciences were discussed.
Separately, a meeting was held with the Head of the Erasmus office of Anhalt University, Christian Lippold, who showed the possibilities of the campus in Dessau, and also discussed the necessary requirements for students submitting their application forms to participate in the competition for Erasmus scholarships to study at Anhalt University and programs mobility.



During the visit, there was also a meeting with the Head of the International Office, Mrs. Anne Beer. Mrs. Anne Beer is also actively involved in supporting Ukrainians in a particularly difficult period of resistance to the aggression of the northern neighbor.

We were particularly proud of the fact that two graduates of the Agricultural Management Faculty currently work in the International Office - Tetiana Plyushko (Тетяна Плюшко) and Kateryna Demianenko (Катерина Дем’яненко).


There were also meetings with Alina Honcharuk (Аліна Гончарук), a graduate of the Agricultural Management Faculty, who is finishing her studies at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences under the Master in Food and Agribusiness program, and Victoria Kryvtsun (Вікторія Кривцун), a student of EP “Marketing”, who is currently a student of the “International Business” program.






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