What should an applicant do after passing the NMT?:

June 27, 2023

 In 2023, the majority of applicants will enter Ukrainian universities on the basis of NMT results. Without them, you can apply for a contract for specialities that have special state support.
Also, applicants applying for art and sports specialities based on the results of a creative competition do not need NMT results. Read on for a step-by-step algorithm of the applicant's actions after passing the NMT.
Receiving the NMT result in test scores
After passing the exam, each participant of the NMT-2023 receives separate results in three subject blocks in test scores. They are displayed on the monitor screen immediately after the test is completed.
The maximum number of points in the Ukrainian language is 45 points, in mathematics, physics, a foreign language - 32 points, in the history of Ukraine - 54 points, in biology - 46 points, and in chemistry - 40 points.
To obtain a positive test result, it is enough to score 10% of correct answers to the tasks in each subject - 6 points in the history of Ukraine, at least 5 points in the Ukrainian language and biology, and 4 points in mathematics, physics, foreign language, and chemistry.
Obtaining an official NMT result
At the same time, the results of each block, converted to a scale of 100 - 200 points, will be used for competitive selection during the admission campaign.
Each participant of the main NMT session will receive the official results for admission to a university on a scale of 100 - 200 points by 28 June in their personal electronic account.
Participants of the a
Registration of an electronic cabinet
In 2023, the vast majority of applicants will submit their applications online through electronic cabinets. Their registration will start on 1 July. To register an account, you need to log in to the page of the electronic application system.
To create an account, you must specify the email address to which you will receive a letter to activate access to the account, as well as enter the necessary applicant data - information about the NMT certificate (EIT), certificate of complete secondary education (certificate of secondary education), etc.
Registration of the applicant's electronic cabinet is possible with a certificate issued not earlier than 1998. If the document was issued before 1998, you will have to submit an application in paper form directly to the university.
In cases where there is no NMT (EIT) certificate, the applicant must register an electronic account using an identity document.
Uploading documents to the electronic cabinet
After activating the electronic cabinet, the following information about the applicant must be entered and uploaded:
• contact phone number;
- colour photo of the applicant;
- a photocopy of the appendix to the certificate of complete secondary education.
If you have an EIT certificate from other years, you must also add the certificate data (number, PIN, year) and attach this document.
To assist applicants in submitting applications in electronic form, special counselling centres will be set up in the admissions offices. At the counselling centre of any HEI, you can get help with creating an electronic account, submitting applications electronically, downloading an appendix to the educational document on the basis of which the admission is made, etc.
Submitting applications for admission
Acceptance of applications and documents from applicants begins on 19 July (except for higher military educational institutions, institutions with specific learning conditions, military training units) and ends at 18.00 on 31 July 2023.
Please note! After submitting the first application, it is no longer possible to make any changes to your electronic account. Therefore, it is better to make sure that all the data is uploaded to the electronic cabinet correctly.
This year, applicants can submit up to 5 applications for state-funded education at any university without limitation on the number of specialities to which they apply, and up to 15 applications for a contract.
Prioritisation of applications
Applicants will be admitted on a state-funded basis based on the priority of their applications.
In each of the 5 applications submitted by an applicant for state-funded education, it is necessary to set its priority - from 1 to 5, where 1 is the highest priority (i.e. the university and speciality where the applicant wants to study the most), and 5 is, respectively, the lowest, i.e. the least desirable option.
The priorities set by the applicant determine the order of consideration of applications for state-funded places.
Important! Applicants should remember that setting a priority is an important step, as it cannot be changed after submitting an application.
Fulfilment of admission requirements
The formation of ranking lists of applicants and the provision of recommendations for admission and the publication of the list of recommended applicants with a notification of whether or not they have received the right to study on a state-funded basis will take place no later than 5 August.
Applicants who have received a notification in the applicant's office about receiving a recommendation for admission to state or regional order places (who have received information from the official website of the HEI) must confirm their choice of place of study in the electronic office with a qualified electronic signature or in person at the educational institution by 18:00 on 8 August.
Conclusion of a study agreement with a higher education institution
The grounds for enrolment are:
- confirmation of the choice of the place of study;
- fulfilment of the requirements for enrolment (submission of original documents);
- conclusion of a study agreement with a higher education institution.
The study agreement can be concluded remotely with the use of qualified electronic signatures.
Applicants whose place of residence is registered in the temporarily occupied territory and who are staying there may conclude a study agreement within three months after the start of their studies.

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