Starting from 2 October, 2nd and 3rd year bachelor's students will be studying in a full-time format!

September 28, 2023

 According to the decision of the Academic Council of the National University of Life Sciences of Ukraine and on the basis of the order of the rector of the university, from 2 October 2023, the training of 2nd and 3rd year bachelor's students will continue in a full-time format. Also, the 1st year bachelor's students and all master's students of veterinary speciality will be taught in a full-time format.
The educational process for 4th year bachelor's and 1st year master's students will continue in a distance format from 2 October.
Before switching to the distance learning format, 1st year master's students should make sure that they have resolved all issues related to
- organisation of access to e-learning courses on the Elearn educational and information portal;
- military registration at the university;
- registration in the scientific library of NULES of Ukraine.

Yaroslav Rudyk,
Head of Education Department

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