Brain-ring «Can you call yourself an English expert ?»

2 November 2023, 10:10

 Розробляючи брейн-рингу «Can you call yourself an English expert? » для студентів груп: ЕЕЕз.в., Агр 2303, Агр 2302, Зар 2201м, БТм викладач ставила цілі: розвивати знання англійської мови та ерудицію студентів, бажання спілкуватись англійською мовою, активізувати розумову діяльність студентів, виявити творчі здібності, сформувати вміння відстоювати свою ідею , погляди, переконання , прийняті рішення ,виховувати любов до англійської мови, сприяти формуванню в студентів вміння працювати в групах.

Contest 1. Presentation of the team Name, emblem, motto
Contest 2. Word Changing
Change the words into different ones by adding one letter at the beginning or at the end.
Example: Change a word meaning a place of skating (rink) into what you do when thirsty (drink)
1) Change the reason for umbrellas into a quick means of travel.
2) Change something very cold into used for pudding.
3) Change a vehicle into a mark left by a wound.
4) Change a scheme into something growing in the garden.
5) Change a sheet of the water into a little piece of snow.
Відповіді на конкурс 10 (<<зміни слово>>)
1) Car-scar
2) Ice – rice
3) Rain-train
4) Plan-plant
5) Lake-flake
Contest 3. Who’s the fastest
Tongue-twister. She sells are seashells, I’m sure.
Contest 4. Drawing
Draw a body and write in English, all the parts of it.
Contest 5. Guessing words “Shopping”
You can buy medicine, pills , mixtures there (chemist’s)
You can buy pins, handkerchief there (haberdashery)
Place, you can buy magazines, newspapers (bookstore)
Here you can buy sweets, buns, cakes (newsagence)
You can buy fruit there (greengrocer ‘s)
Shop, where you can buy meat (butcher ‘s)
Contest 6. “Ask and answer Game”
Команди по черзі задають питання до запропонованої картини і дають відповіді на них.
Contest 7. Anagrams “Sport and Games”
Surfing – g i n f u r s
Swimming - m i n g s i m w
Tennis - s n i n t e
Squash – h s a q s u
Snowboarding – g n i d r a b o n w o s
Contest 8. “British Holidays”
What colour are London buses?
Where do the English prefer to live?
What is put inside a pudding of luck? (Silver)
What holidays do they celebrate on the 23rd of April?
What is the next holiday after Christmas?
Who brings presents to children at New Year?
On what day do they have many jokes?
What is the name of the British flag?
What is the symbol of eternal life on Christmas?
When do they celebrate Christmas?
11) What is the symbol of eternal life on Christmas?
12) What plant is connected with a kissing tradition?
13) Whose speech is broadcast on TV at midnight in New Year?
14) What do they cook on Christmas?
15) What is the name of N.Y. in Scotland?
Contest 9. Code Words (The map of Great Britain)

19, 5, 22, 5, 18, 14 (Severn)
5, 14, 7, 12, 1, 14 ,4 (England)
20, 8, 1, 13, 5, 19 (Thames)
Contest 10. Riddles
1) What is that was tomorrow and will be yesterday? (Today)
2) What is that everybody has seen, but can never see again? (Yesterday)
3) What is it that never uses its teeth for eating? (Comb)
4) We are four brothers living under one roof. Do you know us? (The legs of a table)
5) A thick forest, which grows as fast as it is cut down. (Hair)
6) Without it you couldn’t say a word. (A tongue)
7) My uncle has a brother. He is not my uncle. Who is he? (My father)
8) Who carries his house with him? (A snail)
9) What has a cat, which no other animals have? (Kittens)
10) What month has 28 days? (They all have 28 days)
11) What star is not seen in the sky? (A film star)
12) When I eat, I live, when I drink, I die. (A fire)
Concussion. Greeting the teams.

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