At the Department of Management named after Prof. J. S. Zavadskyi Defense of Master's Qualification Works of Applicants of Higher Education in the Correspondence Form of Education Took Place

November 13, 2023

          On November 8, 2023, the Examination Commission for the defense of Master's qualification works of applicants of higher education of the correspondence form of study in the specialty 073 "Management" began its work.

Anatolii Ostapchuk, Dean of the Faculty of Agrarian Management, addressed the audience with a welcome speech. Anatolii Dmytrovych read the order on the appointment of the Examination Commission, introduced the Head of the Commission, members of the Commission, and wished the applicants of higher education a successful defense.
Master's qualification works were devoted to important and relevant issues: product quality management in the enterprise; conflict management in the organization; formation of the HR management system in the enterprise; making management decisions in the enterprise; formation of a system of motivation of the enterprise's employees; the using of socio-psychological management methods in the enterprise; management of marketing activities of the enterprise; formation and using of the communication system in enterprise management.
The applicants of higher education in the process of defending their master's works presented their presentations, answered the questions and received positive evaluations.
Announcing the results of the master's works defense, the Head of the Examination Commission noted the high level of preparation, the relevance of research topics and deep practical knowledge.
The staff of the Department of Management named after Prof. J. S. Zavadskyi congratulates our esteemed masters on the successful defense of their master's qualification works and wishes them success on the way to new achievements.
Mariana Dobrivska,
Associate Professor of the Department of Management
named after Professor J. S. Zavadskyi
Translated Natalia Drahnieva
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