Open Doors Day

November 9, 2023

        Department of Management named after Prof. Y. S. Zavadskyi once again took an active part in the Open Doors Day, traditionally held at the University on November 9, 2023.

Opening opportunities for future students is our main task for the development of Ukraine today. It is important for young people to choose the best path for themselves in order to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for self-realization in the professional sphere, meet loyal friends, and reliable partners, learn to communicate effectively, and unite for successful social and business projects. It turned out to be extremely interesting to reveal to future applicants the world of existing professions that are related to management activities. The desire of young people to be successful, creative, and step ahead confidently of everything new is undeniable, and they are ready to learn it diligently and persistently.
During the acquaintance with the staff of the Department, the guests of the event managed to visit the Head of the Department T. I. Balanovska. The dialogue between current students and future entrants prompted the latter to think about the importance of management in society and the relevance of relevant professions. We sincerely believe in the perspective and management potential of our youth.
Teachers of the Department of Management named after Prof. Y. S. Zavadskyi assured the guests of the Open Doors Day, who expressed a desire to get a higher education at the Faculty of Agricultural Management, that they would be happy to help them become high-class managers in the agricultural sphere, and not only in it!
Mariana Aksentiuk,
Associate Professor of the Department of Management
named after Professor J. S. Zavadskyi
Translated Natalia Drahnieva
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