Open Lecture on the Discipline "Quality Management"

August 24, 2023

  In accordance with the rector's order dated June 8, 2023 No. 5811 "On Improving the Quality of Educational Services at NULES of Ukraine in the 2023/2024 academic year" and the approved schedule of open lectures in the fall semester on August 24, 2023 by the Associate Professor of the Department of Management named after Prof. of J. S. Zavadskyi Natalia Drahnieva held an open lecture on the discipline "Quality Management" on the topic "Evolutionary approaches to Quality Management" for applicants of the first (bachelor) level of higher education, Specialty 073 Management. 

The lecture began with the actuality of the topic and definition of its content. Natalia Drahnieva outlined the main transformational stages of the development of Quality Management in the world in the context of the Japanese approach to Quality Management, the American approach to Quality Management, and European Quality Management methods.
It was interesting for the applicants of higher education to participate in a survey, based on the results of which the lecturer characterized the main priorities of those present from the point of view of their preferences as consumers when choosing goods. The importance of quality indicators and standards of finished products was emphasized.
During the lecture, applicants of higher education had the opportunity to get acquainted with the main achievements of world authorities in quality management.
The speaker shared her knowledge and experience on how approaches to Quality Management have changed over time and how these changes have affected the activitiesof various organizations.
Natalia Drahnieva successfully used the tools of the "Kahoot!" platform, in particular, the interactive method of monitoring students' knowledge in the form of an online quiz.
Such an interactive game so engrossed the participants that it even created a competitive spirit among them, encouraging them to answer questions reasonably and instantly. According to the results of this competition, the winners were determined, they were:
Angelina Nechiporuk – 1st place;
Andriana Krokhmalyuk – 2nd place;
Yulia Yatsenko – 3rd place.
In the context of the European Quality Management experience, Natalia Drahnieva paid attention to the policy in the field of quality of the NULES of Ukraine, it was noted that on February 13, 2023, our university received a certificate of compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard, which significantly increased the degree of trust in it by customers of educational services and partners.
Natalia Drahnieva's lecture on the topic "Evolution of approaches to Quality Management" became a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration for all students. Her presentation emphasized that Quality Management is an ongoing, multifaceted process that requires flexible adaptation to dynamic changes in technology, market conditions, and consumer demands. Evolving approaches to Quality Management are a huge asset and experience for the modern generation.
The lecture was held at a high scientific and methodical level and received positive feedback from all presentpeople.
Alina Troian,
Associate Professor of the Department of Management
named after Professor J. S. Zavadskyi
Translated Natalia Drahnieva
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