We share the best impressions from training: students of the Faculty of Agrarian Management successfully conduct career orientation work

April 19, 2023

 While the applicants of higher education of the 2nd year of the 3rd group of the Faculty of Agrarian Management were on online training, they had the opportunity to visit local schools, talk with their teachers and, of course, talk about our university, where they have been studying for the second year.

In order to popularize NULES of Ukraine and the Faculty of Agrarian Management, in particular, on March 27, Nataliia Vidruk visited the Starokostyantyniv Secondary School No. 1, on March 29, Victoriia Sidenko conducted career orientation work at the Shepetivsk Specialized Secondary School of I-III Levels No. 2 with an in-depth study of the basics of economics and law, which is in Khmelnytskyi region, and on March 30, Yana Ishchuk visited the Dibriv Lyceum of the Kyiv region.
Future applicants were informed about the conditions and benefits of studying at the Faculty of Agrarian Management, in particular, the features of the specialty "Management". Special attention was focused on the educational trajectory "Management of organizations and administration" and the Department of Management named after Professor J. S. Zavadskyi.
The girls shared their impressions of the educational process, teaching lectures and practical classes, living conditions in the hostel and spending their free time at the university.
During the lively discussion, the pupils were most interested in information about internship opportunities abroad, studying under academic exchange programs, studying at the military department, and teaching subjects in English. Along with this, there were many questions about the conditions of online education, the availability of sports and educational clubs, the conditions for admission to the university, as well as the cost of education.
The students' performances gave future applicants the opportunity to feel the specificity and importance of the manager's profession. During the conversation with the graduates, it turned out that most of them have not yet clearly decided on the choice of future profession and educational institution due to the war in Ukraine, but they were very interested in the wide range of opportunities, both in education and in science, that opens up at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.
Hanna Kharchencko,
Associate Professor of the Department of Management
named after Professor J. S. Zavadskyi
Translated Oksana Havrysh


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