Department of Foreign Philology and Translation: planning new projects with the German partners

January 17, 2023
The beginning of every new year is marked by new plans. This is what is happening at the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation this year. Cooperation with the Sonnenberg Academy (Germany) has been going on for several years. During this time, the Department's teachers and philology students studying at the German Language and a Second Language program, have participated in the Academy's seminars and conferences. Students have repeatedly shared their impressions and achievements on the departmental and university websites.

  In the pre-coronavirus period, NUBiP representatives had the opportunity to visit Sonnenberg, work in workshops, and improve their German language skills. For the past two years, all activities have been held mostly online. However, it is now planned to move to a hybrid version of the events, and in the near future to return to the full-time format.
  On January 17, 2023, the Sonnenberg Academy administration invited representatives of various European countries to an online working meeting to discuss both immediate and long-term cooperation opportunities. In particular, representatives of the Academy Tilman Cishe, Isolde Hartung, and Jonathan Uch familiarized the participants with the Academy's proposals.

  One of the issues was preparation for the new Erasmus+ project. Since several students studying at the German Language and a Second Foreign Language program have already received the opportunity to study for a semester at the partner university of Pardubice (the Czech Republic) under this project and have experienced the benefits of participating in it, this proposal is promising in terms of improving the quality of a training the philology students.

Svitlana Amelina
Head of the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation



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