The Department of Foreign Philology and Translation continues cooperation with the University of Pardubice

3 January 2023, 19:23

This year has become another stage in the successful cooperation between the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation and the University of Pardubice (the Czech Republic), which is a part of the Erasmus+ academic mobility project. It is worth noting that this year, thanks to participation in this project, six students, who study at the German and Second Foreign Language program, were given the opportunity to study for a semester at a partner university.

   At the end of each year, we usually summarize the results and outline plans for the new year. Therefore, the visit to the University of Pardubice was not accidental, because in order to continue the cooperation that both we and our Czech partners are committed to, we need to determine the next steps.
  The program of our stay at Pardubice University was intense: classes and meetings with students, participation in the final meeting of the Faculty of Philosophy, and most importantly, a detailed discussion with the project coordinator Mr. Jan Čapek about further opportunities for the Erasmus+ project.
  It was extremely pleasant to feel the support of the heroic struggle of the Ukrainian people at all the meetings. At one time, the University of Pardubice was one of the first to send a letter of solidarity to NUBiP of Ukraine. As a sign of support, the flag of Ukraine flies near the building where our students study.
  We thank the university administration for their assistance in implementing the academic exchange program and hope that not only current but also our future students will take advantage of the opportunity to participate in it.

Svitlana Amelina

Head of the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation


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