Instructors of the department of foreign philology and translation took part in the international scientific and practical conference of the Association of Ukrainian Germanists

31 October 2022, 17:31

 Every autumn there is a significant event for Germanists – teachers and instructors of the German language, translators, undergraduates and postgraduates. So it was this year, despite the war, although the conference under the motto "Mit der deutschen Sprache gemeinsam Grenzen überwinden" was held not in person, but in an online format. Since the main topic was overcoming borders, the plenary and breakout sessions discussed issues of interdisciplinary approaches, the development of high-quality language education, distance learning of foreign languages, and young people's access to educational programs.

  The German language was and still is a tool for overcoming borders. It makes possible typological, comparative-linguistic and translation studies and at the same time leads to an in-depth study of German-language culture, literature, history and philosophy, which is not least conducive to intercultural dialogue. Thus, internal and external borders are overcome within the framework of the German studies course.
  During the conference, a number of events were held: plenary sessions with invited speakers, a panel discussion on "German studies and its borders in wartime", thematic master classes, presentation of the results of competitions and projects. Special attention was drawn to the panel discussion, which was attended by Yuriy Andrukhovych, Natalka Snyadanko, Serhiy Zhadan, and the moderator was Yurko Prokhasko.




  The conference participants had the opportunity to present their scientific achievements in five thematic sections, one of which – "Translation studies" – was moderated by an Austrian professor Alois Woldan and professor Svitlana Amelina. The researchers considered topical issues of modern translation studies, the creation and use of online dictionaries in the translation process, and the features of German-Ukrainian translation.






Svitlana Amelina,
head of the department of foreign philology and translation

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