Svitlana Amelina: about participation in the "German language Days" in Wittenberg

27 September 2022, 17:28

 At the invitation of the "German language Society" ("Verein Deutsche Sprache e. V., VDS") I took part in the" German language Days " – an event that has taken place this year in Wittenberg (Germany).



  The German language society is a non-profit association that unites tens of thousands of German language fans from different countries – teachers, public and cultural figures. The main goal of the association is to preserve and develop German as a language of communication, science and culture.



   Program "Days of the German language" was rich and diverse: plenary and breakout sessions, seminars, project discussions, working meetings, reporting meetings, etc.
   I would like to note the incredible interest of representatives of different countries in Ukraine, admiration for the courage and steadfastness of the Ukrainian people and the heroism of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and expression of hope for victory in the war.





   I am thankful to the university management for the opportunity to participate in such a representative event, which opens up new horizons for cooperation with foreign partners!


Svitlana Amelina,
head of the department of foreign philology and translation

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