Golden autumn is a good start to a happy life. Congratulations to the first-year students!

September 15, 2022

 On September 19, for first-year students, a new and wonderful stage in their life begins-studying at a prestigious Metropolitan University.



  Cozy classrooms, a modern gym and luxurious flowers in the Botanical garden are already waiting for you! All instructors have been instructed on how to act during an air alarm, and there are reliable bomb shelters that house classrooms with desks, as well as the opportunity to make tea and conduct an interesting lesson! All participants in the educational process can receive psychological assistance at the social and psychological service center of the department of psychology.



  But what incredible lectures or practical classes in eco-classes in the Botanical Garden of our university, when the sun warms and the birds sing happily! Such classes will be remembered for a long time!



     Acquaintances with classmates, romantic meetings, first love, new subjects and preparing for the session – these are your own experiences, achievements and memories after many years! After all, student life is the most beautiful period in the life of every person, so bright and unique!!!


    We wish all students, their parents and instructors good health, be patriots of our country and bring victory closer with their responsible attitude to learning. So that everything around us is joyful and beautiful, and happy people can realize all their ambitious plans!


Glory To Ukraine! Glory To the Heroes!



Dyomina V. V.,
associate professor of the department of English philology


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