Instructors and students of the department of foreign philology and translation took part in seminars of the Sonnenberg Academy

20 June 2022, 17:22

 International cooperation between the department of foreign philology and translation and the Sonnenberg Academy (Germany) has been going on for several years. During this time, teachers of the department and many students of the specialty "Philology (German)" took part in a number of seminars of the Academy – both online during the lock-down period and in Germany. Last October, we hosted representatives of Sonnenberg in Kyiv.

      This year, it was not the quarantine, but completely different circumstances that prevented us from attending the planned series of "Demokratie in der Zukunft" seminars ("Democracy in the future"). The relevance of the topic is reinforced by Ukraine's integration aspirations on the way to the European Union.

     Most of the participants of the seminar – representatives of different countries (Germany, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Poland) gathered in the Hall of the educational and methodological center of the Sonnenberg Academy. Instructors and students departments of foreign philology and translation joined lectures and discussions online.





     Of particular interest was the lecture of the doctor of science Aen King from the UK on the topic "Die Westminster-Demokratie im 21. Jahrhundert – Ein altes System fit für die Zukunft?", which continued in the form of a discussion.


Svitlana Amelina,

head of the department of foreign philology and translation


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