LBLIC Conference 2022: cross-cultural communication in action

1 May 2022, 17:20

 Two consecutive days were spent in fruitful cooperation and scientific discussions of the participants III International interdisciplinary Scientific and Practical Conference "Language, business and law, intercultural communication: challenges of our time" held on April 26-27, 2022 under the organization of the department of foreign philology and translation and the faculty of humanities and pedagogy of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.




     The International conference began with a welcoming speech by the dean of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy Inna Savytska who noted the difficult conditions in which our state is resisting russian aggression. The conference participants observed a minute of silence in memory of those killed in the russian-Ukrainian war.



      The scientific event brought together about 400 participants from 11 countries – Ukraine, Greece, India, Thailand, Nepal, Poland, Czech Republic, Malta, USA, South Africa, Colombia. The speakers demonstrated their readiness to spread and exchange knowledge in linguistics and translation studies, methods of teaching foreign languages, as well as to organize for effective cross-cultural communication in improving relevant skills, popularizing among instructors and students the idea of combining knowledge and skills in an interdisciplinary polylingual and multicultural space with subsequent practical application.

     The key report of the III International interdisciplinary conference was the professor's speech Panagiotis G. Crimpas from the Democritus Thracian University (Greece).



       LBLIC 2022 as an International conference in English in the abbreviation became a kind of logo of the event, combining the idea of popularizing knowledge and spreading scientific and professional experience among the scientific and pedagogical community in six parts of the world, and every year the conference is alternately represented by one of the parts of the world-Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa, Australia, selected by lot.

     LBLIC 2022 on the first day of the conference, by its structure was held in the format of panel meetings, followed by discussions on research issues in separate discussion halls.

     The reports differed in their subject matter, because all of them were striking in their scale and depth of analysis: from the geo-economic significance of the Association of Southeast Asian nations (Mohd Fahim, Thailand), cross-cultural communication in the face of modern challenges (Mario Pace, Malta), the role of ICT in vocational education (Amit Kumar Goel, India), linguistic competence for business and law (Asma Farouk, India) to develop educational and professional master's degree programs in educational innovative technologies (Apirak Tokhtayong, Thailand), the need to transform education from the acquisition of theoretical knowledge to the development of practical skills (Eleni Jerokostopoulou, Greece), works of Franz Kafka in comics (Daniel Kalinowski, Poland), problems of reproducing the concept of" management " in Ukrainian-language documents (Peter Kalita, Ukraine) and the like.





     Second day of the event III international interdisciplinary scientific and Practical Conference "language, business and law, intercultural communication: challenges of our time" he distinguished himself by working in separate discussion halls and discussing the results of the conference with further conclusions and suggestions on the prospects of scientific research.


     Department of foreign philology and translation  is proud to cooperate with foreign colleagues, remaining a connoisseur of the All-Ukrainian scientific and professional culture and community. After all, the participation of 34 higher education institutions from 11 countries in the Conference speaks for itself and is a great contribution to intercontinental exchange. The department expresses its special gratitude to the associate professor Oksana Chaika, which not only inspired this scientific event to be held in NULES of Ukraine and outside, but also moderated it.



Natalia Olkhovska, Valentyna Strilets,

associate professors of the department of foreign philology and translation

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