The production and investment management department held the VI International scientific and practical conference "Inclusive development of the national economy: global trends, opportunities of Ukraine and the role of the agro-food sector"

November 25, 2022

 The beginning of the second decade of the current century was marked by a series of events in history that turned our Motherland into the world center of the struggle for freedom, for European values, and for market socio-economic orientations. The people of Ukraine showed their courage and will, resisting the insidious enemy and defending the Western democratic way of life. In such conditions, scientists and educators faced specific tasks of developing mechanisms for the economic recovery of Ukraine, its reconstruction in the post-war period, and one of the principles of economic development in the future is the principle of ensuring its inclusiveness at all levels, in particular, through the stimulation of intensive economic growth.

It should be noted that scientific schools on ensuring the inclusive development of the economy in Ukraine have been established for a long time. In particular, scientists under the leadership of Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Economics, Professor Lidiia Shynkaruk have been engaged in the development of a strategy for the introduction of inclusive development into the economy of Ukraine for quite a long time.

On November 17-18, 2022, the traditional VI International scientific and practical conference "Inclusive development of the national economy: global trends, opportunities of Ukraine and the role of the agri-food sector", organized by the Production and Investment Management Department was once again held. This conference has long since turned into a specific meeting place for scientists, politicians and businessmen with the aim of working out specific vectors of inclusive development. The conference is also always attended by representatives of youth - students, whose opinion is important, and whose ideas are non-standard, corresponding to modern realities.


This year, the conference was attended by representatives of developed European countries who wanted to share their experience. Today, Ukraine is not just a recognized world center of freedom, but a country that determines the future development of civilization. Among other things, this fact determines the increased interest in it on the world stage, the desire of foreigners to join the events held here.

The conference was opened and welcomed by the professor of the Department of Production and Investment Management, corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, doctor of economic sciences, professor Lidiia Shynkaruk, who expressed her conviction that the issue of inclusion is extremely relevant in the current conditions and requires research and discussion.

Immediately after that, Lidiia Shynkaruk invited the Rector of the NULES of Ukraine, Academician of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Stanislav Nikolaienko to give a welcome speech. In his speech, Rector Stanislav Nikolaienko noted that ensuring the inclusive development of the economy is one of the officially recognized areas of development of the European Union. Today, a vision of what Ukraine should become in the future is being formed. According to Stanislav Nikolaienko, it is important to understand which professions will be of demand on the market in the future, and which education is needed for this. Specialties that students can get at the NULES of Ukraine are of demand on the labor market. This academic year, our university is celebrating 125 years since its foundation, and there are many graduates who have glorified their home university and their country. The rector paraphrased the saying of the famous inventor Thomas Edison and noted that the problem is that people tend to give up quickly when they fail, and you have to try again and again until you succeed. In the case of Ukraine, first of all, it is necessary to overcome the enemy. Stanislav Nikolaienko expressed hope that soon our country will celebrate the victory, and the next conference on ensuring inclusiveness will be held offline.

Next, the turn to welcome the participants was given to the dean of the Faculty of Agrarian Management, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Anatolii Ostapchuk. We live in extremely difficult times, and even in such conditions, an important task of teachers remains the preparation and education of young people, and it is necessary to achieve consolidation of acquired knowledge in practice. Anatolii Ostapchuk recalled the main provisions of the concept of sustainable development and noted that it is necessary not only to ensure economic growth, but also to implement the task of social development, in particular, by introducing inclusiveness. In this regard, holding a scientific and practical conference devoted to the discussion of the problems of inclusive development nationally is definitely appropriate.


Military conditions, in which we are all forced to live and work today, make adjustments to our everyday affairs. The work of the conference could not be carried out in the usual format for everyone, however, no matter what, we must adapt and fulfill the tasks set before us. This was the opinion expressed by the moderator of the conference, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Economics, Professor Lidiia Shynkaruk, and gave the word to Leonid Kozachenko, Vice-President of the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Chairman of the Council of Entrepreneurs, President of the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation, who sincerely congratulated all participants of the conference, noted the importance of such events and spoke about the peculiarities of the development of the agricultural sector of Ukraine in the conditions of war. Leonid Kozachenko himself was once educated at NUBiP of Ukraine, so he is well acquainted with our alma mater. Today, the training of specialists for the agricultural sector is a strategic task, since Ukraine has a significant potential for the development of agriculture. It should not be forgotten that the agricultural sector is important not only in terms of food security, but also key to the existence of green energy, the cosmetic industry and other related sectors of the economy. According to Leonid Kozachenko, today it is necessary to implement digitization at all levels and use hedging mechanisms to reduce risks in the sector. Such steps will make it possible to make full use of available resources and achieve high results.


Some conclusions and considerations based on the results of many years of scientific research were presented in report of the corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Economics, Professor Lidia Shynkaruk. Her speech was devoted to the possibilities of inclusive development in the conditions of the formation of a new reality. Today, we must work on the development of ways to restore the post-war economy of Ukraine, in particular, as regards the agrarian sector, it is necessary to ensure the parallel functioning of farms and large holdings, preventing the repeated redistribution of property. Only in this case it will be possible to attract foreign investments to the agricultural sector of Ukraine. Lidiia Shynkaruk urged everyone to understand the damage caused to the agricultural sector of Ukraine by the war. Significant mined territories and merciless destruction of infrastructure, use of agricultural products for purposes not intended for this - these are just some examples of the terrible actions of the occupier on the territory of Ukraine, aimed at destruction and ruin. Today, it is necessary to work on the development of various programs to support the agricultural sector and to ensure the implementation of social principles in the economy, since there is a significant impoverishment of the population.


Then Professor Antonio Collado-Fuentes from the Politechnic University of Valencia (Spain) joined the conference and presented the results of his research on the development of cooperative relations in industrial clusters, sharing the experience of the Spanish automobile industry. Ensuring the operation of value chains at all stages of production and sale of products can significantly increase the efficiency of Ukrainian enterprises and allow the implementation of the main principles of lean production. Dr. Antonio Collado-Fuentes expressed his support for Ukraine in the difficult period of its defense of its independence, its borders and the right to self-determination and thanked for the opportunity to join the work of the conference.


Other participants also presented interesting and relevant results of their research.





Even in the conditions of war, Ukraine remains a key country for ensuring energy and food security in the world, and after the long-awaited victory, it will be able to implement the main principles of inclusive development. Of course, the priority today is the security of our country in the sky and on earth and the need to adapt to the difficult challenges caused by the partial destruction of Ukraine's energy system. However, the Ukrainian people have repeatedly demonstrated their courage and bravery, their willingness to overcome obstacles and defend their land. Despite all the difficulties and uncertainty, the VI International Scientific and Practical Conference "Inclusive Development of the National Economy: Global Trends, Opportunities of Ukraine and the Role of the Agri-Food Sector" was held at the highest level, and the main results of its work can serve as recommendations for the development of the economic policy of our country.







On behalf of the organizing committee of the conference, we sincerely thank all participants for their work! We wish Victory and fruitful work on the restoration and reconstruction of our country!

Glory to Ukraine!

Kateryna Alekseeva,
Associate Professor of the Production and
Investment Management Department

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