Valeriia Yustyniuk presents at the 2022 NAPRRS/NC229: International Conference of Swine Viral Diseases

7 December 2022, 8:31

Valeriia Yustyniuk, assistant professor of the department of veterinary hygiene named after prof. A.K. Skorokhodko presents at the 2022 NAPRRS/NC229: International Conference of Swine Viral Diseases. 2022 NAPRRS/NC229: International Conference of Swine Viral Diseases took place from December 2 to December 4 in Chicago, IL. As stated on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign website, the North American PRRS Symposium was formed in 2003 as a venue to annually bring together the members of the swine disease community, including researchers, industry professionals, and field practitioners.

At that time, PRRS was considered the prime example of the challenges faced by the global swine industry. In recent years, the emergence and spread of new swine viruses, such as PEDV and ASFV, has expanded the focus to include emerging and transboundary swine diseases. Integration with the USDA NC229 multi-state project on swine diseases provides the means to deliver a much larger and more comprehensive meeting experience.
The 2022 meeting was expanded into a 3-day international conference with emphasis in translational research. The conference brought together researchers, veterinarians and representatives of the swine industry from such countries as Germany, Hungary, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom, Poland, Canada, Peru, South Korea, and Thailand, as well as various parts of the United States of America.

The conference comprised of ten sessions, dedicated to challenges of infectious diseases control and prevention, virus-host interaction and pathogenesis, novel vaccine development and vaccination strategies, emerging diseases and field detection, modern technologies in swine disease diagnostics, viral detection, diagnostics and surveillance, and virus transmission, biosecurity and area control, providing the highlights on the global situation and promising solutions.
Valeriia Yustyniuk is currently undergoing an internship at the Center for Animal Health and Food Safety, University of Minnesota, and presented a project on the global evidence-based surveillance for early hazards identification and better preparedness of the pork producers.

Participation in events of this scale allows not only to deepen the knowledge and learn something new, but also to meet professionals from different fields and find partners for further joint projects.


Vita Mykhalska, associate professor


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