Oleksandra Butriy and Anastasiya Pidgaiko on participation in the Erasmus+ program and other prospects for students majoring in “Philology (German language)”

October 28, 2022
    Even when we were university applicants, Head of the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation Svitlana Amelina told us about numerous opportunities to study and work abroad. We learned about the Erasmus+ program during our first year of studies and were looking forward to the opportunity to participate in it. Being third-year students, we decided to become exchange students and go to another country, namely to the Czech Republic.


    The Czech Republic welcomed us with warm and sunny weather. We feel at home in the hostel. Good conditions, pleasant staff and cozy rooms allow us to feel comfortable. A huge advantage is that the hostel and all educational buildings are close to each other. The campus also has a library, a cafe, a dining hall, sports facilities, etc.

    We are lucky that we had the opportunity to get acquainted with a different educational model. The teachers are highly qualified, kind, responsive, and understanding. The online educational portal is very convenient for the students. All this, combined with the latest equipment, promotes the desire to learn. And we eagerly practice German and English with our new friends and teachers.

    Since the program involves studying for one semester, we try to get the most out of it. Therefore, we attend various events, workshops, seminars, and student parties. Many trips to different parts of the Czech Republic are also organized for foreigners.

    We are grateful to our alma mater, NUBiP of Ukraine, for this valuable experience and for the opportunity to improve our skills as translators.

   We strongly recommend students majoring in Philology (German as the first language) to participate in this program. You definitely won't regret it!


Oleksandra Butriy, Anastasiya Pidgaiko,
3rd-year students
majoring in "Philology (German language)"

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